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From feeling stuck to doing what you love

"I feel lost. I don't know where to begin."

How many times have you said it to yourself?
Probably, many times – if this describes you.

You find yourself saying....

You feel you have much to offer, and your current work environment suppresses you.

You want to be creative, take risks, and embody empowerment. Everyone around you seems to know exactly what they want to do, and you're still in the same situation over again.

You have different interests, nobody is predominant, and you don't really feel good about something, but you know you cannot do everything.

You don't manage to find the time to focus on taking steps, big or small. You feel constantly mentally and physically exhausted.

You’re afraid you won’t be able to have the same lifestyle, you seem to put everything at risk, and this thought makes you feel uncomfortable.

You're starting to see yourself as someone who just dreams big and acts little. You start believing that you don't want to make a change.


Then, I started connecting with other professionals and met my coach, John Guanci. I started to believe I had something to give to others. I work on myself even more, I study, and moreover, I practice. I started working 1:1 with international people in Berlin, and then I created my coaching business 100% online, working with beautiful clients around the world.

I've been doing full-time coaching since 2019, starting as a Career Coach and becoming a Business Coach. I call myself Pure Coach because I'm not here to give you any advice, shortcuts, or even "proven strategies" on how you can start and grow your business. I work on you, I coach the person, not the business. I'm here to challenge you to step out of your regular way of doing things to create something different, extraordinary, and authentic, where you can express yourself at your higher capacity. I create coaching relationships where I'm fully committed to doing my best, and so you do.

I get it. Because I was you...

Here's me, not at my worst moment. I had just relocated to Berlin, Germany from Italy. I left my corporate job and my apartment in lovely Verona to start my blog from my laptop in an Airbnb bed without a clue of how I can make a living, and still thinking "Maybe I should still apply for a job!"

I've been doing Personal Development since the age of 17, healing from a chronic illness, and working on my mindset, energy, and spiritual connection to the source. I felt powerful but, in a way, lost. All I knew was I wanted to share my experience from working with creatives, and in HR to help others change careers, and land their personal projects, but I wasn't prepared for the business world. I was feeling alone, without any direction.


My 1:1 Coaching Pathway is a co-creation relationship for committed women and men who want to create extraordinary change in their work & business.

To reclaim clarity, growth,
and freedom!

You want to...

DO SOMETHING THAT HAS MEANING AND PURPOSE. Something that enriches you and everyone connected to it. 

BE FREE TO USE YOUR TIME. You want to be able to spend time with your family whenever you want and never feel like you have to sacrifice your family life for your career (or the other way around).

GOWHT FINANCIALLY. You want to create something that is growing over time and not paying the finite game.

LEAVE A LEGACY. You want to be a leader or role model who inspires change in others.

PRIORITIZE WELL-BEING. You want to put your well-being and wealth at the center and put yourself first in your life.

You're in the right place!



1:1 Coaching with Patrizia

1-on-1 coaching relationship for taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

What we're here to do...


Highlight Your Unique Value

We'll work on unleashing your power, trusting yourself and your abilities, and knowing how to communicate them to others. Discover how to speak your truth without fear, even when there's a risk others might not like what you say. See yourself as a creator of the world around you rather than a spectator.


Be clear on What to do next

Together, we bring your life into the quiet space where you can hear the voice of your heart. Knowing that what you want is aligned with what is most important to you, being clear about your next step, and having the strength to take it.


Co-create your Next Step

Reaching your next step towards the outcome you want to see in your life not only by what you need to do, but by who you need to become to create what you desire.

This is for you,




Patrizia-48 copy



Coach & Trainer


You're smart. You're open-heart. You don't need help. You want help. You're ready to listen more yourself.


Working Together

What to expect:

WITH YOU IN MIND. Everything 1:1 Coaching Pathway I do is tailor-made for the client in front of me. This means the tools and the intensity may change.

WE MEET VIRTUALLY. Sessions are 75 minutes long on Zoom, you can record the session and keep it forever. I do VIP sessions from time to time in Berlin.

100% FOCUS ON YOU. I'm there for you if, it means You need me - I'll be there for you. This can happen by email, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Telegram. 

IT'S A RELATIONSHIP. 1:1 Coaching Pathway is an intimate coaching partnership where we co-create as a team. 

COMMITMENT. Working with me is a significant investment of commitment, energy, money, and focus. 

LONG ENGAGEMENT. Working together for a minimum of 6-12 months. 

What are my clients saying?


Justin Agius

Snr. Director Vans Digital Marketplaces

The best investments I've ever made for myself

I never knew that I needed a coach, until I met Patrizia. If I had known, I probably would not have admitted and invested in it either. My encounter with Patrizia was pure coincidence (or maybe not). It was at a time where I felt lost, feeling that something needs to change, not knowing what, how, when and where. It felt like I had lost my sense of purpose and direction. In the time we spent together (so far), which I now highlight as one of the best investments I've ever made for myself, I discovered that the most effective way to move is when you stay still, not letting your thoughts drain you and letting go of the heavy feeling that I had of always needing to be doing, thinking or achieving something. In her own words, "you don't need to do anything, stay calm and be present". To my surprise, Patrizia helped me realise that it wasn't a sense of purpose that I had lost, but the confidence in myself to do what I enjoy, to continue to grow and face challenges head on, even when I think that I don't have the necessary tools - probably because I'm comparing myself to others. Most importantly, by taking a step back, relieving myself from the self-inflicted pressure and sense of urgency, Patrizia helped me realise that I can do what I want, I can create my own path forward one little step at a time, that I am more than capable to help others, serve the community, and always create with love. Thanks to my work with Patrizia I started my own small business coaching and supporting young entrepreneurs, I made great progress in building my food forest, but most remarkable and unexpected for me, is that I am now happy and fulfilled in my career. Patrizia has helped me transform into a leader helping the community around me bring joy, purpose and effortless creativity into their work and everyday lives. Grazie Mille, Patrizia!

Working together in 2022 and 2023


Ambra Alberti

Founder of @lacortedidama

Powerful, extraordinary, intense and energetic

My journey with Patrizia? It isn't easy to enclose it in a few lines but to be concise, I would say powerful, extraordinary, intense, and energetic. Before starting, Patrizia gave me a simple premise: "Ambra, I won't tell you what to do, how or when. I will help you bring out the answers already inside you." I admit that initially, I struggled to understand these words, to imagine that everything was already inside me when I only saw much confusion, but I decided to trust her. She was, without a doubt, one of the best choices of my life! With Patrizia, we started by clarifying things: I tried to explain to her what was in my head, and thanks to her help, we translated it into a life project. Every meeting was an explosion of emotions; sometimes, it was so intense that I became more confused. In reality, it all served to distill a thousand ideas spinning in my head, keep the essential ones, and arrive at the perfect one that represented me and made me feel good about the idea of realizing it. I'm talking about a small farm among the hills of Lessinia, where animals and nature meet children to be teachers of life. Positive education is among our central values, and we don't simply visit the animals on our farm. We learn to respect them, understand their needs, and carry out activities and courses to re-learn to love nature. It's obvious to say that all this was born thanks to Patrizia, but that's precisely how it is! Although the answers were indeed all within me, I would never have seen them as achievable without her.

Working together in 2020 and 2021


Sebastian Mayandia

Product Manager& Entrepreneur

She is the whole package (deal)!

I had the opportunity to meet Patrizia after having experienced a couple of different career coaches.
During the first session with Patrizia, I realized that her way of working was completely different from what I experienced before. Her holistic approach helped me find my career path and understand my personal and professional needs and interests. She asked the right questions and gave me a different perspective to walk me through the uncertainties of finding a job. She helped me to make the career change I was looking for, landing in a tech-related company in Europe. Patrizia read the situation and pain points well, making building trust easy and letting her guide you through the process. She was always prepared, personalizing every session and showing her passion for what she does and interest in my success. I totally recommend Patrizia. She is the whole package (deal).

Working together in 2019

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